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Service with a Shine

After my first year in university, I had difficulty finding a summer job because I was too young to work in a manufacturing job and really didn’t want a clerical job.

While I was mowing lawns that summer, I was  stopped by the district manager for The Fuller Brush Company, who asked if I’d be interested in selling their products.

I took the job and started making the rounds in my territory. I had my share of doors slammed in my face, but I also had many people who would make time to speak with me, several of whom purchased from me.

For one of the sales cycles, there was a promotion on floor polish and furninture polish – neither of which I’d sold much at that point.

To help stimulate sales (we were told if we got in the door we had a 30% chance of making a sales) I offered to demonstrate the floor or the furniture polish.

It was a bit of extra work to do floors or dining suites, but every customer who took advantage of the demonstration bought at least one bottle. I exeeded my quota for the cycle and got recognized at the next sales meeting.

What I learned from this was the power of a demonstration (especially if you have a good product). I made good use of this while I worked for Plasmatreat by carrying around a demonstration plasma generator and jet. The effect of plasma treatment in increasing the surface energy of a material was truly amazing and the demos resulted in many quote opportunities.

I also learned the value of giving something to get something. My Fuller Brush customers got shiny floors or dining room tables without having to do the work. Because the products worked so well, it was hard for prospects to NOT buy, so they almost felt obligated to purchase.

If you have an outstanding product, demonstrate it as often as you can. It’ll be worth the effort.


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